Pink Door Exclusives

High-quality microlink hair extensions perfected with precision.

Hair Consultations

We consult with each potential client prior to any installation. This is to ensure that this process is a good match for what you are looking to achieve.

Microlink Installations

After consultations, potential clients can choose from a variety of hair types, styles, etc. to ensure you get the look you want.

Microlink and Tape-In Extension Classes (Weft Method)

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PINK Door Exclusives

Scheduling is maintained by appointment only to ensure each installation is given adequate time and care. Please consider booking appointments at least 1-2 weeks prior if needed, as we aren't always available last minute.

**Currently only registering for next class Nov. 20th**

Time Schedule

Tues – Fri 9.00 AM – 500 PM

Saturday 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Sun/Mon Closed

How It Works

Flawless hair in as little as three steps!

Request a Consultation

Consultations are required before each installation. This is done to make sure you understand the process, upkeep, and that a microlink installation would be a safe and healthy choice for your hair.

Pay A Deposit For Installation

Deposits are required before any hair care treatments and/or installations are made. All deposits go towards the final price. Deposit prices vary based on the service to-be provided.

Show Up & Leave Flawless

When you visit for an appointment, it's your time! We take the necessary time to prepare your hair for installation and also guide you on how to maintain your style once you leave.

We care about your hair and your well-being

Beautiful Hair, Healthy You

Book An Appointment

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Wash & SIlk

Wash & SIlk




Deposit Per Bundle

Additional Services

Additional Services